Turn your passion for home cooking into a fun career as a Healthy Hands Cooking Certified Instructor

Healthy Hands Cooking is the industry's largest online cooking instructor certification company that teaches home cooks and wellness professionals how to start a mobile cooking career teaching healthier habits to children and families.

-Do you love home cooking?

-Do you love spending time with kids?

-Are you looking for a fun, flexible career that you can do from home?

If so, then YOU can be our next mobile Healthy Hands Cooking Certified Instructor!

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Earn money doing what you love

“It's honestly life- changing!”

This past month I made double what I used to make from working a full time job. I worked 18 hours the whole month. Not only that, I had the opportunity to educate children of all ages about the importance of eating healthy - and get them EXCITED about it! Everyone of us can make a difference!

Katherine Zahirovic
Certified Instructor

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Generate Revenue & Build Life Skills

We’ve put together a calculator to give a sense of the kind of revenue that’s possible for an instructor using Healthy Hands Cooking to teach healthy life skills.

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