MEMBERSHIP - $75/Month

After you finish your HHC Certification, you can choose to join our Healthy Hands Cooking Instructor Community (HHCIC) membership area or do your own classes under your own brand.

HHC members are "authorized brand representatives" of HHC.

HHC Membership is only available after the completion of certified training.

If you become an HHC member, you are given Member Rights to represent the HHC brand, and to promote and teach HHC cooking classes and events. You will also receive a personal microsite, hosting, tools, recipe library, reporting features, instructor community, support, and more.

HHC has made considerable investment in developing its products and services, and, as a member, you will be given access to HHC's intellectual property also known as trade secrets to help you accelerate.

You can cancel anytime however only active members of HHC may continue to use HHC materials and tools to earn income.

Lastly, new members receive specialized on-boarding assistance to help them progress quickly with their online class offerings.

Recipe Library

A huge recipe library of healthy, delicious meals designed for all ages. HHC recipes are fully approved for commercial-use. Choose from traditional recipes, plant-based, vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, or submit your own original recipes to share with other instructors!

TONS of lesson plans

Age-appropriate lesson plans for ages 2 to 99 to help you teach basic nutritional concepts. You only purchase the plans you want. All HHC lesson plans start with a nutrition game or activity to set the stage for learning with your students. Approx. $17 per lesson plan.

Instructor community

Get support, advice & encouragement from other HHC instructors. We are a dedicated, caring, passionate group and super excited to meet you!

Back Office

Access resources, business tools, lesson plans, and recipes in your instructor back office. This fully automated registration and payment portal will you have you scheduling, promoting, and running professional classes in no time flat.

Ready to earn income & teach healthy cooking?

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