Kids Lesson Plans Ages 5-13

"HHC - A Taste of HHC" themed lesson plans for kids and teens.

Students start each class with a nutrition game or activity followed by hands-on cooking lessons.

Current Available Lesson Plan Themes:

  1. Heart Healthy Valentine's Day Class
  2. Yummy Munchies
  3. Healthy Snacks Class
  4. Think and Eat Green Class
  5. All About Sugar Class
  6. Eat Your Colors - Stir Fry Class
  7. Have a Souper Day Class
  8. Savory Sandwiches Class
  9. What's So Great About Eggs Class
  10. Thanksgiving Holiday Class
  11. Healthy Traditional Holiday Meal Class
  12. Growing and Cooking with Herbs Class
  13. Make Your Own Pizza Class
  14. Meatless Mania Vegetarian Cooking Class
  15. No Sugar Halloween Party Cooking Class #1
  16. No Sugar Halloween Party Cooking Class #2
  17. Taste of the Sea Cooking Class
  18. Healthy Food Gift Jars - Cooking Class
  19. Mama Mia! Thatsa Pasta!
  20. Healthy Desserts for One
  21. Egg-Cellent Easter Cooking Class
  22. Healthy Happy Pets Cooking Class
  23. Healthy Start Breakfast Class
  24. Mystery Box Cooking Class
  25. Pro/Pre-Biotics - Health Benefits
  26. Gluten-Free Eating
  27. Protein Power!
  28. Mystery Box Class! (Where nobody gets "chopped")
  29. Cooking for Badges (Scout Badge and Patch classes)
  30. College Cooking 101 - series of 4 classes
  31. Sustainable Seafood Healthiest Seafood Choices