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HHC Kids Club is a national one-of-a-kind wellness education program taught by our certified instructors to help students learn about nutrition, food preparation, gardening, and healthier habits through hands-on STEM, STEAM and STEAMM based activities. Our goal is to help schools and communities fight obesity and encourage healthier living.

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HHC Kids Club uses research-based lesson plans and activities developed for ages Pre K-12 to complement current units of study.

HHC Kids Club program is taught onsite as in-house experiences, cooking clubs, camps, and daily afterschool wellness programs.


I have been honored and excited to partner my organization Health Made Simple with Healthy Hands Cooking. In 30 years of researching and teaching nutrition, fitness and prevention we have determined that supporting the practical/affordable side of health is what creates real and long-term change. Exercise, mindfulness, sleep, hydration and nutrition should be foundational skills taught to all children. Learning five new healthy recipes can change a family's health picture and help children learn and focus. Healthy Hands Cooking classes teach simple recipes for snacks, smoothies, and meals focused on fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Getting back to the basics will fix the foundational issues that are ruining the health of our children. Together we can turn our sick care world back into a well care world!!!!"

Toni Tickel Branner, Exercise Physiologist, Professional Speaker, Author, Wellness Consultant

For the last two years I've had the incredible pleasure of using the Healthy Hands Cooking curriculum to help over 1,000 children learn how to build a healthy food mindset. The HHC hands-on recipes, informative handouts and activities have, without a doubt, helped my young chefs make healthier and more informed choices regarding what they fuel their bodies with, as well as feeling more confident in the kitchen! Parents are always reaching out to me to thank me for utilizing the nutrition curriculum and for the tasty, easy, and wholesome recipes that their children can now proudly make on their own, thanks to HHC!

Erika Speirs, Professional Member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals

When I was looking to start my own business I knew that I wanted to help people of all ages learn practical nutrition skills. I was drawn to become a Healthy Hands Cooking Certified Instructor because every single lesson contained both hands-on cooking AND has a nutrition and/or health lesson built into the curriculum. It was everything I would have wanted to create myself and even more. I know that no matter what lesson I am teaching or what age group I am working with, I can feel confident that my students are going to learn how to cook a delicious healthy meal/snack and take away knowledge that can help them live healthier lives."

Kati Sarbu, MS, RDN, CDE

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